CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download

CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download
CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download - the brand new Robox three-D printer from Cel is a super concept handiest 1/2 found out. among its fast printing velocity and unusual capabilities, there's lots to like approximately it. Getting within the way, even though, are bad print high-quality and an overcomplicated calibration technique. that's why in the end, it could wind up being very frustrating.

The Robox is the first 3-d printer i have examined that makes use of  nozzles for a single source of filament, which lets it print an awful lot faster than other machines. alas, to get the nice outcomes, you have to manually calibrate it thru a difficult and lengthy technique. but even worse, the velocity didn't count a great deal in the end because the Robox's print first-class became disappointing and failed prints passed off extra regularly than i'd like to see.

depending for your capabilities and level of staying power, the Robox can be a great revel in or a horrible one. I just located mine towards the latter. keep this in thoughts earlier than spending $1,499 to buy one. (in the uk, it is £999.ninety, and in Australia it is presently on sale for AU$1,495.) CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download.

With its two print nozzles, the Robox looks as if a ordinary dual-extruder 3-D printer when you first take it out of the container. look closer, although, and you may see some thing unusual: while different dual-extruder machines want a filament spool for every nozzle, the Robox uses only one (Cel prefers to call the spools "reels," but the handiest distinction is within the terminology).

CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download

How does it work? it's simple: the unmarried reel feeds both nozzles, with one nozzle dedicated to printing great information and the other to filling in larger areas of a job. it is a splendid idea that worked well in my trying out, making the Robox by a ways the quickest 3-d printer i've visible. i will speak greater approximately the satisfactory within the overall performance phase below.

it is why it regarded strange that the Robox has a 2d, however unused, filament intake. Cel stated the reason turned into that within the destiny, the printer can be up to date with any other printhead that feeds from two reels. If that happens, though, there's no area to feature another reel holder. And as I see it, a second reel might just upload bulk to the Robox's pleasantly compact length of 14.5x13.4x9.four inches (370x340x240mm). CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download.

Robox's energetic print platform stocks the same mechanism design as the dice three. that means that during a print process the platform actions to and fro whilst the printhead movements sideways and up and down. i love that for the sort of small printer, the Robox has a massive print platform: it could construct items measuring up to 8.3x5.9x3.nine inches (210x150x100mm).

The printer has a removable print bed, that's the pinnacle a part of the print platform. That makes it smooth to get rid of and easy, a necessary step inside the calibration method.

CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download

The Robox connects to computer through a USB port on the again. The printer does not have an SD card slot, a touchscreen or any manage button located on the unit itself, other than the on/off transfer. As a result, you cannot use it with out a laptop. the whole thing needs to be finished via the downloadable AutoMaker software, which is to be had for windows, Mac and Linux platforms. CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download.

at the complete, the software program worked well in my trials -- despite some random mistakes and freezes -- and has a excessive level of customization. you could exchange any settings, which include the openings of the printing nozzles themselves. most significantly, the software also guides you via the calibration technique.

CEL Robox 3D Printer Review and Driver Download

Compatibility/Operating System (OS)CEL Robox 3D Support operating Systems :

  • Windows 
  • Mac OS 
  • Linux 

How to Install driver for CEL Robox 3D utilizing downloaded setup document:

  • Switch on your PC where you need to introduce CEL Robox 3D Printerdriver. 
  • Until unless you proposed to associate USB link to the PC, kindly don't interface it. 
  • Download the setup record from above connection on the off chance that you didn't download them yet. Run the setup record as manager. It triggers to begin the establishment wizard. At that point take after the directions until to complete it. 
  • at the execution of this wizard you need to associate USB link between CEL Robox 3D and your PC. 
  • So sit tight for that and associate just when it requests that you interface. It will distinguish the CEL Robox 3D and proceed to next stride if all goes well. 
  • Input the qualities for every progression in the wizard and finish the introduce. 
  • Presently your printer is prepared to use as the product of CEL Robox 3D Printer driver introduced effective.

CEL Robox 3D Driver Download

CEL Robox 3D Driver For Windows      Download
CEL Robox 3D Driver For Linux            Download
CEL Robox 3D Driver For Mac OS        Download

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