Hotspot Shield VPN 2021 for Android Download Review

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Hotspot Shield VPN 2021 for Android Download

Hotspot Shield offers 500MB of free information every day — significantly more than Windscribe gives when you include it up — and its system execution is better than those of most free VPNs. The compromise is that the free form of Hotspot Shield gives you additional advertisements, as the administration's help pages clarify, and it lets you interface just to U.S-based workers. 

We don't suggest any absolutely free VPN administrations on the grounds that such a large number of them get your transmission capacity, sell your perusing history or infuse advertisements. (Truly, the free form of Hotspot Shield monitors which locales its clients visit, and at any rate the Android adaptation gives you promotions.) An assistance you don't pay has no motivating force to keep your hidden information private. 

we suggest the free assistance levels of "freemium" VPN administrations, which serve chiefly as secrets for the paid plans. A large portion of the free contributions have information tops or speed limitations, however in any event you know how the administrations bring in cash. Sadly, none of the complementary plans is sufficiently quick or liberal enough to fill in as an all day, every day home VPN association. In the event that that is the thing that you need, you'll need to pay for it. 

Hotspot Shield has customer programming for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. You can't interface without the product, which leaves Linux and Windows Phone clients exposed to the harsh elements of reality. 

As referenced above, you get up to 500MB per enlisted client every day, which comes to about 15GB every month — the majority of any of the nine free-ish administrations we took a gander at. The catch is that once you hit 500MB in a given day, you must sit tight until the following day for additional. Other free administrations let you consume an entire month's assignment on the double on the off chance that you need to. 

There have been charges that Hotspot Shield, on the two its free and paid plans, gathers client information and guides client traffic to its promoting accomplices. The parent organization, AnchorFree, denies those cases however expresses that it does gather "mysterious, total information about which sites our clients visit and which applications our clients use." (Many other VPN administrations guarantee to never do this.) 

The site additionally says that clients will "see additional advertisements when perusing with Hotspot Shield" and that clients who "might favor not to see promotions ... can buy a membership" to the paid help. Previously, Hotspot Shield's free form infused advertisements straightforwardly into site pages showed in a work area program. The organization's head disclosed to Tom's Guide that that training has been finished, and that promotions presently show up just when opening and shutting VPN associations in the Hotspot Shield Android application. That was to be sure our experience. 

Hotspot Shield utilizes an exclusive VPN standard called Hydra VPN, which may put off protection specialists who favor better-referred to norms, for example, OpenVPN or L2TP/IPsec. AnchorFree is situated in California and henceforth subject to court orders and different types of examination by U.S. law-implementation offices, in spite of the fact that the organization's 2017 straightforwardness report expresses that it has never given any client information to law authorization. 

It took us just 2 minutes and 15 seconds to get and introduce the 19MB Hotspot Shield Windows customer. The primary screen you'll see entices you to begin a free preliminary of the paid arrangement by clicking a major, splendid blue catch, and there won't appear to be some other choice. 

Be that as it may, squint, and you'll see a dull dim "back" bolt scarcely noticeable against the dim blue foundation, in the upper left. Snap that, and you'll be in the HotSpot Shield free interface. It's fundamentally the same as the paid interface: dark blue and little, yet with "Move up to Hotspot Shield Premium" in a flag underneath. 

Hotspot Shield VPN 2021 for Android Download Review

Snap the enormous catch in the center to associate. When you do, a little world guide shows up, alongside the IP address Hotspot Shield doles out you and your present meeting's information utilization. The interface cautions you when you're at 250MB, part of the way through your every day remittance. 

Try not to be tricked by the drop-down menu of nations to associate with; you'll need to pay to utilize any yet the United States, and you're naturally doled out a worker. In the upper left is a burger (three flat lines) menu to things like Upgrade to Premium, Settings (turn on VPN at startup, stop IP spillage, Kill switch and others), Help and Quit. 

Hotspot Shield did quite well in our tests, which were directed in a rural New York home utilizing normal link organization web access. Broadband paces, association time and system delay (idleness) were tried utilizing Ookla's administration. A standard with no VPN association was built up before every individual help was tried. The free contributions of nine administrations were tried: Avira Phantom VPN,, Hotspot Shield, the Opera program VPN, ProtonVPN, Speedify, SurfEasy, TunnelBear and Windscribe. 

We associated with Hotspot Shield's worker in a normal of 3.2 seconds, which isn't really awful and was directly behind Windscribe and Speedify. System idleness was 29.5 milliseconds — 58 percent more than before the VPN associated and behind just Avira Phantom VPN among customary VPN administrations. 

Hotspot Shield VPN 2021 for Android Download Review

(Speedify was the quickest of all since it utilizes programming to consolidate two free web associations, for example link broadband and cell information. Yet, it can't do something amazing if just a single association is accessible. It's so not the same as other VPN administrations that we're positioning it independently.) 

The normal download speed when associated with Hotspot Shield was 111.8 Mbps — a decay of 35 percent from the gauge. Transfers found the middle value of 29.3 Mbps — 13 percent more slow than the standard. Both of those scores are directly behind those from Windscribe, our top placer.

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android:
Hotspot Shield is the “world’s fastest VPN,” as verified by Ookla’s Speedtest. By connecting to one of our 3,200+ VPN servers in 80+ countries — including 35+ cities around the world — your internet traffic is encrypted. This ensures you can browse the web securely and privately, keeping your sensitive data protected.

How do I download an Android VPN?
Follow these simple four steps to easily download a VPN for Windows PC in seconds.

Step 1 Download. 
Download Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

Step 2 Select location.
Select the VPN server location you wish to connect to

Step 3 Connect.
Open up the Hotspot Shield app and click “Connect”

Step 4 You’re all set.
Enjoy your favorite content with peace of mind

Hotspot Shield VPN: Key features for Android
  • Military-grade encryption. Privacy and security that also blocks 57 million malware and phishing sites a day.
  • Global internet access. We offer 3,200 servers in 80+ countries, including 35+ cities around the world.
  • Patented Hydra protocol. Hotspot Shield’s proprietary Hydra VPN protocol is verified by experts as the fastest, most secure on the market.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Get Premium today and stream as much as you want. Unlimited bandwidth means you never have to stop.
  • 24/7 live tech support. We’re here to help Premium members with any questions or issues. We’ll be with you in seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee. We’re so confident you’ll love everything about Hotspot Shield, you can try it completely risk-free for 45-days.
  • Link up to 5 devices. Create an account to link up to 5 devices, including your phone, tablet, and TV.
  • Privacy you can trust. We don’t record your VPN browsing activity in any way that can be associated to you.
Hotspot Shield VPN 2021 for Android Download

Why choose Hotspot Shield VPN for Android:
Access the internet without borders. With 3,200+ VPN servers in 80+ countries — including 35+ cities around the world — it’s never been easier to access content from across the globe. Whether you’re traveling abroad and want to watch your favorite streaming service as if you were back home, or whether you need to access websites and services that are restricted in your area, Hotspot Shield’s sophisticated encryption means you can access the content you want, when you want it.

What is the best free VPN for Android?
When it comes to keeping your mobile device’s internet connections secure, Hotspot Shield is the best free VPN for Android. Hotspot Shield Basic, the free version of our app, is perfect for securing your public Wi-Fi connections at the local coffee shop.

Subscribing to Hotspot Shield Premium, however, provides many more features to enhance your online security. Connect to VPN servers in 80+ countries, stream unlimited amounts of content 4x faster, get 24/7 customer support, and much more. You also get free access to three more privacy and security apps: Identity Guard, to protect you from identity theft, 1Password to manage and your secure passwords, and Robo Shield to block annoying robocalls.

Do I need a VPN on my Android device?
You can avoid mobile data caps by connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, but that also creates security risks. Public internet connections are notoriously insecure, allowing hackers and identity thieves to snoop on devices using the shared network. They can monitor your web browsing activity to get passwords and steal your sensitive data.

Hotspot Shield VPN connections are fully shielded from hackers and identity thieves thanks to military-grade encryption. We also protect you from tracking by ISPs and other prying eyes by hiding your web browsing activity.

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