HP Laserjet P1008 Driver Printer Download

HP Laserjet P1008 Driver Printer Download
HP Laserjet P1008
HP Laserjet P1008 Driver Printer Download. Whilst laser printers alongside MFDs have perpetually been more costly than inkjet items, producers are hoping to cut their costs making them more reasonable. Little, passage level laser printers are quite accessible at costs at which inkjet printers had been sold a couple of years back, or even at costs at which different less costly inkjet MFD's can be found nowadays. The HP LaserJet P1008 is rich notwithstanding being a truly conservative printer once the plate are collapsed away, no greater than a normal inkjet printer. It is essentially under 20 cm high furthermore goes through barely any desktop space. It tips the scales at 4.7 kg, which is significantly more than an inkjet printer, however stays sensible. The body is made of white and additionally dim polymer, beside the underside and additionally a part of the back, where there is a metal suspension. The whole development is greatly strong and this incorporates the plate too. 

HP Laserjet P1008 Driver Printer Download. The information plate is arranged towards the base, and it might be changed to acknowledge different paper sizes. Its ability is 150 sheets, which is sufficient as to SoHo or home clients. Paper is situated with the side to be printed confronting up. There is likewise a 10-sheet need plate situated over the principle info plate for getting some quick prints utilizing an alternate kind of paper when contrasted with that introduced in the fundamental information plate. The yield plate or rather the yield receptacle is discovered towards the highest point of the unit. This has a tongue-like expansion to prevent paper from dropping over. Paper is kept with the printed part confronting down. The paper limit of the yield plate is 100 sheets. 

HP Laserjet P1008 Driver Printer Download. There is no showcase with this printer. You'll discover only two LEDs to show you if the machine is in prepared mode or when there is some blunder -, for example, if the cartridge cove is opened, or maybe once the toner is low. Likewise, other than a force catch, there's no switch at wherever, not even a scratch off catch. The force switch is helpfully set at the front end for basic access rather than at the back, as on a few printers. This specific printer is sold with only a lone driver CD without extra programming. The driver UI is exceptionally basic and empowers you to make utilization of capacities including examine, manual duplex printing, etc. Addititionally there is a choice to pick EconoMode to abstain from squandering the HP LaserJet P1008 toner cartridge. You may likewise make and keep your own gathering of preset settings for when required. 

HP Laserjet P1008 Driver Printer Download. We printed a page of dark content to find out the pace notwithstanding nature of the printing. Page one required only nine seconds, and that is indistinguishable to that guaranteed by HP. The pages every moment (PPM) in the primary moment was 15.6 and it accomplished 17 in the succeeding minutes. With the end goal of this examination, we used a page of multi-shaded diagrams, content, outlines, designs furthermore pictures. Since it's really a highly contrasting printer we were researching, we tried for the greyscale yield level of value. The record took 10.7 seconds to create the first print, whilst the PPM in the primary moment was 14.7. The PPM touched 16.7 later on. 

HP Laserjet P1008 Driver Printer Download. The nature of print was fine here too in addition to the readability wasn't changed directly down to the most minimal point size. This is extraordinary execution from this sort of little a unit. The laser printer is intended for individuals who should not have to have shading prints and would rather pick top quality monochrome printouts. For its conservativeness, straightforwardness of utilization, quality and execution, this printer gets full checks.

Drivers & Support: HP LaserJet P1008
Compatibility       Version       Download      
Windows Vista Windows 7 (32-bit) Windows Server 2003
Windows 8 (32-bit) Windows 8.1 (32-bit) Windows XP
Windows 2000                                                                      
 3.38 Mb

How to install

  • For USB Connection:
  1.     Close any software programs running on your computer.
  2.     Click the Download only button and save this file.
  3.     Double click on the downloaded file. The self-extracting process will appear.
  4.     Click to accept the terms in the license agreement. Click Next.
  5.     Driver installation begins. Driver files are pre-installed during this process.
  6.     A screen pops up to prompt to connect the USB cable. Insert the USB cable.
  7.     Device is connected, waiting for PnP to finish installing driver.
  8.     Click Finish to complete software installation.

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