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Mercedes Me Connect Free Download - Mercedes-Benz Canada

New in Canada on model year 2019 vehicles: app-based connected car technology that further enhances the luxury and convenience of owning a Mercedes-Benz

As model year 2019 (MY19) vehicles begin to arrive on showroom floors, Mercedes-Benz Canada is celebrating the introduction of Mercedes me connect to the Canadian market. This innovative, app-based technology powers a suite of mobility services designed to enhance the Mercedes-Benz ownership experience.

Mercedes me connect allows drivers to stay in touch with their vehicles from anywhere that has mobile network coverage, and to obtain assistance at the touch of a button. The service powers an evolving platform that will help shape the future of mobility. There are countless ways in which Mercedes me connect improves the ownership experience, with comfort and convenience that gives Mercedes-Benz owners even more reasons to love their vehicles.

Remote Services. A survey from Mercedes-Benz owners revealed Remote Services to be the most highly anticipated suite of Mercedes me connect services. Because Mercedes me connect technology functions on the 4G LTE network, owners are able to use Remote Services from anywhere in the world that has mobile network coverage. Features include:
  • Remote Start: Owners can avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of sitting in a cold car in the winter – or a steaming-hot car in the summer – by starting their vehicles remotely.
  • Remote Door Locking and Unlocking: Owners no longer need to second-guess whether they've locked their vehicles' doors. Now, they can check their status on the Mercedes me app, and lock and/or unlock their doors from any distance.
  • Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status: Owners can check their mileage, tire pressure, fuel levels, and much more remotely, which allows them to better plan their trip(s) and to decide whether a stop at a gas station is necessary.
  • Point-of-Interest (POI) Download: Drivers can now send addresses from their phones to their vehicles and can prep their vehicles to navigate there. This is a convenient alternative to entering the address information manually through the vehicle's central controller.
  • Personalization: Owners can export and store personalized driver profiles from their vehicles in the Mercedes me portal and, if desired, import them again to restore their preferred settings in their vehicles.
  • Charging and Pre-Entry Climate Control (EV): The customer is able to alter the charging process remotely, and can also adjust the climate control for plug-in and electric vehicles, ensuring a comfortable cabin temperature. This feature gives him/her a clear, continuous overview of the vehicle's charging settings and can even be used to alter them, including during the charging process.
Mercedes Me Connect Free Download - Mercedes-Benz Canada

Vehicle Monitoring Services
Mercedes me connect allows owners to see exactly where their vehicles are located, whenever they would like to do so. Even if they are on the other side of the globe, the app allows them to remain connected.

Vehicle Tracker: If location tracking has been activated in the Mercedes me Portal, a vehicle's current position can be checked at any time by its owner. Co-users of the Mercedes me connect account – such as family members – can also share the vehicle's location if this feature is activated.
Parked Vehicle Locator: Owners no longer need to use memorization tricks to find his/her vehicle in large parking lots. Now, he/she can track the car's location via Mercedes me connect. The app will lead him/her back to their parking spot via walking instructions that extend to within 1.5 kilometres of the vehicle.
Valet Protect: When the Valet Protect service is enabled within the Mercedes me app, the owner will be notified when his/her vehicle leaves a pre-determined virtual area, which can be set to a 1.5-, 2.5- or 5.0-kilometre radius. The owner is also notified when the ignition is switched on or off.
Geofencing: Owners can set geo-fenced areas and request to be notified when their vehicles venture beyond those boundaries – a useful feature for parents who want to prevent teenage drivers from borrowing their Mercedes-Benz vehicles without permission.
Speed Alerts: A customer can choose to be notified when his/her vehicle surpasses the speed threshold they have inputted via the Mercedes me Portal. This alert provides the time the vehicle exceeded the threshold, as well as a history of alerts.

Navigation services. Mercedes me connect (Mmc) takes the in-vehicle Navigation system to a whole new level with access to live data, on-road Internet connectivity, and enhanced user-friendliness.
  • Live Traffic Information: By accessing real-time traffic data, the vehicle can calculate the shortest and fastest routes, saving the driver valuable time in the process.
  • Car-to-X Communication: Car-to-X technology enables the fast exchange of information between vehicles, including warnings about potential hazards on the road ahead (e.g. accidents, slippery roads, fog, etc.). Hazards can be reported manually via the Navigation screen or automatically via the vehicle's sensors. The driver is alerted to these hazards via icons on the navigation map, as well as by a spoken warning, long before he/she is able to identify these potential dangers.
  • Route Planning and Display of Electric Charging Stations: The system plans the ideal route for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles by identifying charging station locations along the way and by taking the charge status of the vehicle into account.
  • Parking Points of Interest (POIs): Parking information (e.g. available parking spaces, prices) is displayed on the vehicle's Navigation system and in the Mercedes me app. Drivers can conveniently search for available on- and off-street parking spaces near a specific destination.
  • Online Map Updates: Owners will have the most up-to-date road and POI information thanks to over-the-air map downloads that are installed directly into their Navigation systems. These updates are made automatically when the vehicles are in motion, without affecting the vehicles' other functions.
  • Weather Overlay: A weather overlay provides real-time information and notifies the driver of hazardous conditions, enabling him/her to make informed decisions on the road.
  • Predictive Navigation: Based on completed trip data and established driving habits, the Mercedes me app automatically suggests a selection of likely destinations that can be sent to the vehicle with just one click. The service is based on an algorithm which takes into account previous journeys, as well as the corresponding days of the week and times of day.
  • Local Search: Road trip meals and pit stops are no longer a guessing game: Drivers can now find restaurants in and around their routes through Mercedes me connect's local search feature. The system also shows nearby points of interest and parking options.
  • Digital Assistants: Mercedes me connect services such as Remote Start, Remote Door Lock/Unlock and POI Download can be controlled via voice commands on the Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home (Assistant) devices.

ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT SERVICES. Complimentary for as long as the vehicle's technology is supported.
  • Maintenance Management: The owner no longer needs to keep tabs on when his/her vehicle is due for service. Instead, when the vehicle identifies that it is due for regular service appointments, the owner will receive notifications via the Mercedes me connect app or Inbox messages on the Mercedes me connect portal. These notifications give the owner the option to book an appointment at his/her preferred dealership via the Online Appointment Booking system.
  • Telediagnostics: Mercedes me connect enables the vehicle to identify the wear status of its own diagnostics-capable parts and components (e.g. brake linings, coolant levels, etc.) and will notify the customer when a replacement is needed. For example, if brake pads need to be replaced, the driver will receive an electronic message and will be directed to the Online Appointment Booking system.
  • Accident Recovery: Accident Recovery helps the customer handle the aftermath of a collision. In case of a minor accident, the overhead control unit button connects the driver to a Mercedes me connect agent, who will dispatch a tow truck. In the event of a more serious collision, the deployment of an airbag automatically initiates an eCall, which connects the driver to an agent who will ask if emergency services are needed. If the eCall agent does not hear a response, he or she will deploy emergency services to the vehicle's exact location.
  • Breakdown Management: If a driver has a vehicle issue mid-trip, a button on the overhead control unit will connect him/her to a Roadside Assistance agent. The vehicle's exact location and status will be transmitted to the agent, who will then dispatch Roadside Assistance. Information from the driver and from the vehicle's diagnostics technology will allow the service agent(s) to arrive at the correct location fully prepared to either repair or tow the vehicle.
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics: When a service appointment has been booked, the dealership is able to conduct a short remote test that provides access to the vehicle's data and determines whether any other issues require attention. The dealership can then inform the customer of any issues prior to the appointment, and can ensure availability of the parts necessary to make the fix. Remote vehicle diagnostics also help the Service department to book the right amount of time for the appointment.
  • Software Updates: Over-the-air software updates for the Telematics Control Unit, Navigation system, and digital owner's manual are all available for over-the-air download in the vehicle, without interrupting its other functions. This is a quick and convenient way for customers to stay up-to-date on software changes.
  • Emergency Call Services: The Mercedes-Benz Emergency Response Centre, operated by Bosch, can be reached either (1) by pressing the "SOS" button in the vehicle, or (2) automatically, when the vehicle's collision sensors have detected a serious accident. In both cases, vehicle data – e.g. location, direction of travel and number of passengers, etc. – is transferred to Bosch, allowing Response Centre agents to quickly and efficiently help the customer. Rescue measures are initiated immediately after an accident to expedite the deployment of Roadside Assistance and to allow injured drivers/passengers to be treated as quickly as possible.
  • Information Call and me Call Services: With the touch of a button in the vehicle, any general or Mercedes me connect-related inquiries may be directed to the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Centre. Mercedes me connect-capable vehicles will be equipped with either a "me call" button or an iCall and Wrench button. These call buttons will route the driver to the appropriate call centre, whether it's Roadside Assistance, Mmc Support or Concierge.
Mercedes Me Connect Free Download - Mercedes-Benz Canada

CONCIERGE SERVICE. One-year complimentary trial for select models.
Mercedes-Benz Concierge Service: Drivers can be connected to a concierge agent at the push of a button 24/7, either from their vehicle or via Mercedes me app. The agent can help take care of many day-to-day responsibilities, so owners can focus on the activities they enjoy the most. For example, the service can find a suitable restaurant for dinner, researching nearby restaurants, comparing prices and reviews, and creating a short list of viable options. Once the driver has made a decision, the concierge agent can make a reservation and automatically transmit the restaurant address to the car's navigation system. This same process applies to ordering event tickets, booking flights and hotels, and getting assistance with gift purchases. (The concierge service will be available for purchase in the Mercedes me connect online store in late 2019). The concierge can use owners' credit card information to process payments on their behalf, when requested.

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