Liberty Tax 2023 Review

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Liberty Tax 2023 Review

Liberty Tax 2023 Review

Liberty Tax Online is a tax preparation service with a white-labeled online tax filing application. Drake Software, which owns and manages, is responsible for its internet presence. In 2023, filers interested in Liberty Tax will have the option of either having a Liberty Tax tax professional file their taxes or using the company's online tool. This review focuses on the online filing software offered by Liberty Tax.

Liberty Tax Online has no free filing option. All users are required to pay for state and federal filings. However, you can "start filing for free" to familiarize yourself with the software without incurring any costs. Online filing of basic tax returns begins at $45.95 plus $36.95 per state.

The Liberty Tax program resembles earlier versions in appearance and operation. You'll receive updates on new tax rules and adjustments, just like your rivals. These include revised tax brackets and credit and deduction restrictions. Use the File Your Taxes Remotely service if you want the ease of filing online while having a person in a Liberty Tax office handle the tedious job. This Liberty Tax 2023 review, however, is mostly focused on the Do-It-Yourself alternative. The pricing, which increased by roughly $20 for all filing packages, was the most significant change we observed.

For many filers, Liberty Tax Online offers a satisfactory user experience. However, you cannot import tax forms into the software, therefore you must enter your tax information manually. The software simplifies the process of claiming the most frequent tax deductions and credits.

Those with more complicated tax arrangements begin to encounter problems. For rental properties, including depreciation, it is necessary to locate and fill out a depreciation form without much feedback. Users are unaware of the overall depreciation amount eventually calculated.

Active stock traders and cryptocurrency investors will find the software burdensome. Because 1099 forms and data spreadsheets cannot be imported, every transaction must be entered manually. This is a tedious and error-prone procedure.

Notable companies that use the same software as Liberty Tax Online include and Jackson Hewitt Online. It is a white-labeled version of Drake Software's software. The cost of the competitor's program is far lower, and it is identical save for branding.

Liberty Tax Online Features Liberty Tax Online possesses a number of distinguishing features. A hybrid navigation model is a cool feature that allows you to choose between question-and-answer navigation and self-guided tax preparation. The interview questions aid in navigating the software without becoming mired down in complicated settings. This is a handy navigation style with easy returns for the majority of users.

Support from tax professionals is another area in which Liberty Tax distinguishes apart. It no longer offers its "Double Check Guarantee," but it continues to advertise that online filers can receive in-person assistance from tax experts at any of its over 3,000 local offices. Liberty Tax also offers the "Virtual Tax Pro" option, which allows you to do your own taxes with the assistance of a Liberty Tax professional. Liberty Tax Online Negative aspects: In 2023, Liberty Tax Online had numerous significant disadvantages.

The best premium tax software allows you to import W-2 and 1099 forms with no form import options. Liberty Tax Online offers premium pricing but does not accept importation of tax returns from earlier years for comparison.

Filers with complex tax situations, such as rental income or business income, should avoid this software. Although Liberty Tax Online technically supports certain tax circumstances, users must search the help section for calculators and forms.

Liberty Tax 2023 Review

No Section Summaries: Section summaries allow users to monitor their progress and ensure nothing has been overlooked. Unfortunately, the Liberty Tax Online software lacks this feature, making it difficult for filers to determine whether they've done everything correctly until the very end. This is a significant disadvantage that forces filers to scramble to determine where they committed a typo or error.

LibertyTax utilizes a "360-degree" paradigm of support. To learn more about tax topics, users can use the software's "Tell Me More" buttons, send an email to, or engage in live chat. You can also visit one of their more than 3,000 local offices to receive assistance. Or, if you become stuck and are unable to complete your return online, you can effortlessly shift from online filing to filing in person with a tax professional. Lastly, LibertyTax has audit support for all users. That means a LibertyTax professional will assist you in responding to IRS questions if you are audited.

Users are able to enable multi-factor authentication, and all data submitted into the app is encrypted. Overall, the program meets industry safety and security criteria. Obviously, no organization can guarantee the complete safety and security of its website. The organization could experience a security breach. Before subscribing to a service, filers must assess the hazards of utilizing any online program. Use unique, secure passwords on every website to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Liberty Tax 2023 Review

mobile-compatible tax preparation
Liberty Tax does not offer a separate Android or iOS software for mobile tax filing, but the site's responsive design allows you to complete and submit a return on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The mobile site provides access to all the features of the desktop edition, with the exception of the real-time total of your tax refund or liability, however it rearranges a few elements to fit the smaller screen.

Similar navigation to the PC version. A link in the upper left slides out the main menu, while a link in the upper right provides access to My Account, Help, and Sign Out. The federal component of Form 1040 is organized into its primary sections, which include income, deductions and credits, and health care. When you select one of these, a screen presenting the available subjects will appear. As with the desktop version, the majority of navigating is accomplished via the Back and Next buttons, and occasionally the Cancel and Save buttons. In my testing, the mobile site ran well, although I found the same navigational difficulties as on the desktop.

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