Xerox Phaser 3140 Driver printer Download

Xerox Phaser 3140 and 3155 Driver Download
Xerox Phaser 3140

Xerox Phaser 3140 Driver printer Download - Xerox has dispatched its new brainchild - monochrome laser printer is a passage level Xerox Phaser 3140. This printer replaces the most well known to date models in the line of individual printers - Xerox Phaser 3115. On the off chance that you read the particulars previously mentioned models, we can see that Phaser 3140 outflanks its ancestor in all regards. What's more, it has an alluring outline and is offered available at reasonable retail costs. Plan and valuable. The printer is a truly lightweight and minimized: its size in broadness, profundity and stature are 360 x 389 x 230 mm and weighs just shy of 7.5 kg. Making a printer, the originators have put significant exertion in the freedom of the working space on the work area, where it will be found, yet more on that underneath.

Paper plate at the Phaser 3140 is appraised at 250-sheet (half of a standard pack), that the gadget of this class, maybe, is ideal and adequate. Strikingly plate area: it "pushed" inside the printer, yet the projecting back part of the precisely secured the square cover is exceptionally reminiscent of auto-duplex remotely. On the back board have connectors for force link and USB-connector. Really duplex in the printer is there, however sheet encouraging is done physically through an uncommon "space". Yield plate in the printer serves as the upper top, which fits 80 prepared prints.

No showcase, nor any extra subsidizes to be isolated operation of the gadget in the Phaser 3140 is not gave. On the top spread are the force catch and the erase/continuation assignments, and in addition a couple of shaded markers. Cartridge standard volume in 1500 with the quantity of prints 108R00908 will cost the client around 2000 rubles. In any case, the cartridge with broadened Toner us in the deal couldn't be found.

Subsequently, Maybe, anything, sometime there is a purchaser. In any case, not all things can without much of a stretch envision a normal client. On account of Xerox Phaser 3140, this issue is exceptionally straightforward. The gadget is intended for the spending division of the business sector for clients who are as critical as sparing the season of procurement and get a Mighty mechanical assembly which will rapidly and effectively to print, distribute and print ....

File Download: PCL6 Driver - 64-bit - Microsoft Certified

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Windows 7 x64, Windows Server 2008 x64                  
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