Telecharger AVG Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

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AVG Antivirus 2022 Download

Telecharger AVG Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

AVG Antivirus 2022 Features:

Fully loaded and refreshingly simple
Our free antivirus software just got even better. It now includes real-time security updates, scans for malware, ransomware, and performance issues, and even catches malicious downloads before they reach your PC. You also get an all-new, refreshingly simple design that shows you exactly how you’re protected. All of this, and it still won’t slow you down.

Free antivirus software is great. But it gets even better.
Whether you choose free or full protection, you've got impressive security that even updates itself automatically. And with a cutting-edge virus scanner that blocks and removes viruses, you can be reassured that you and your family are protected from the latest threats.

AVG AntiVirus FREE
Essential free protection
that won't let you down
Stop viruses, spyware, ransomware & other malware
Secure personal folders with an extra layer of ransomware protection
Block unsafe links, downloads, & email attachments
Scan for PC performance problems

Get more with the full protection of Internet Security

Hacker Attacks Protection
Privacy Protection
Payments Protection

Now includes Remote Access Shield, an extra layer of advanced protection that stops hackers from remotely hijacking your PC and accessing vital business or personal files.

Usage: For personal and family use only. Not for business or commercial use.

Telecharger AVG Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

Telecharger AVG Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

AVG Antivirus 2022 Info:

What makes AVG AntiVirus FREE one of the best free antivirus software options?
AVG AntiVirus FREE is one of the best free antivirus solutions thanks to our advanced virus and malware removal technology, our ability to detect and remove harmful spyware without slowing your PC down, and our powerful Trojan scanner and removal tools. And the Wi-Fi Inspector — included with AVG AntiVirus FREE — protects your home network against intruders.
With the world’s largest threat-detection network, our world-class antivirus engine, a wide range of advanced features, and decades of experience, it’s no wonder AVG AntiVirus FREE consistently earns high praise from both independent cybersecurity testing labs and other industry experts.

How does AVG AntiVirus FREE protect against viruses and other threats?
AVG AntiVirus FREE doesn’t stop just computer viruses — it stops all kinds of malware, while protecting against a wide range of other online threats like phishing and Wi-Fi intruders. AVG AntiVirus FREE scans for and removes rootkits, catches spyware, and protects your important files with advanced ransomware protection. And with AVG Internet Security, you’ll also get webcam protection, a firewall to protect your network, and tools to prevent being hacked.

Why does my PC need antivirus software?
You need antivirus software if you want to protect your PC against viruses, malware, ransomware, and the variety of other online threats out there.
Windows Defender will guard against standard types of malware, but it won’t match the comprehensive security you’ll get with a powerful, third-party antivirus solution like AVG AntiVirus FREE for PC. Now known as Microsoft Defender, Windows Defender doesn’t offer enough protection against phishing attacks on all browsers, nor does it perform quite as highly as AVG AntiVirus FREE in leading independent tests.

How will AVG AntiVirus FREE affect my computer's performance?
AVG AntiVirus FREE is a super-lightweight and advanced cybersecurity solution that won’t slow down your Windows PC or drain its battery. In fact, it’s designed to work with almost every kind of Windows PC out there, no matter how old or new, with minimal impact on performance. If you’d like an even faster system, you can manually speed up your PC, or better yet, use an automated cleanup tool.

How do I get rid of a virus?
You can check out our guide for how to manually remove a virus from your computer, or you can download a great virus removal tool like AVG AntiVirus FREE and start protecting your PC in real time today. AVG AntiVirus FREE automatically detects and blocks incoming viruses and other malware while scanning and removing any existing malware from your device.

Telecharger AVG Antivirus 2022 Gratuit

What is a computer virus?
A computer virus is a type of malware that infects your computer often through malicious downloads or deceptive links. Viruses are designed to spread themselves across files and programs as well as across networks to other devices. Indications that you may have a virus on your computer include slowdowns, invasive pop-ups, crashes, and other issues.

AVG Antivirus 2022 Information:
System Requirements
Windows 10, 8, 7
OS X 10.10 Yosemite or above
Android 5.0 or above
Apple iOS:
iOS 10.3 or later

For Windows: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, and Turkish.
For Mac: English only.
For Android: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

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