Samsung Pay Review 2024

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Samsung Pay Review 2023

Samsung Pay Review 

Samsung Pay has been more inventive than Apple Pay and Google Pay, its competitors in the payment app market. It was the first to offer a rewards program and remains the only app that allows you to pay at non-NFC magnetic credit card terminals, although this is much less of a concern today. Samsung Money by SoFi, a free, interest-bearing cash management account, is the most recent addition to the app. Additionally, Samsung Pay supports NFC payments, loyalty programs, and Visa Checkout online. If you own a modern Samsung smartphone, it's a decent alternative, but it lacks person-to-person payments, a web interface, and cross-platform functionality.

The software and service are compatible with the most recent Samsung smartphone models, beginning with the Galaxy S6. In fact, it comes preinstalled on numerous Samsung smartphones. I configured it on a Galaxy Note 8 by creating a Samsung account and PIN. The process of adding a credit or debit card begins with framing the card in the camera rectangle that displays when you choose to add a card, followed by inputting the expiration date, CVV number, and ZIP code. Next, you must accept the lengthy terms of service. I was also required to phone my bank to authorize the setup, however this step may not be necessary depending on how your bank's security is configured; other banks only require a text message or email verification.

The first payment card you add automatically becomes a favorite card. However, if you have input many cards, you must select a favorite card. Notably, after setting up Samsung Pay, you cannot use Google Pay for NFC payments without modifying your phone settings to change the default tap-to-pay application.

Samsung Pay's design is a touch more busy than the majority of payment apps I've tested, with lots of tabs and areas for discounts and buttons across the bottom, but this isn't a problem when paying in a store or restaurant.

To test Samsung Pay, I visited my favorite local premium coffee shop, which accepts payments via an iPad connected to a Square point-of-sale device. The device only accepts credit cards with a magnetic stripe and cash, therefore no other mobile payment options are compatible. After 15 seconds of holding my phone against the card reader, nothing happened until I tapped the "Pay with Samsung Pay PIN" button at the bottom of the screen. I had previously configured the app to use my iris for payments, however this feature did not activate. A second attempt, after configuring Pay to use my fingerprint, was equally ineffective until I provided my PIN. After entering my PIN, the payments were processed instantly.

I also configured Samsung Pay on a Samsung watch, which provides a possibly more convenient method of payment. The watch has its own LTE connectivity, so your phone is not required to be close and paired. In fact, no connectivity is required to use Samsung Pay, just as no connectivity is required to use a credit card with a magnetic stripe. However, Samsung limits you to five transactions, with the counter reset each time you establish a wireless connection. You must set up a PIN on the watch, and for some reason, I was had to enter my credit card information again, despite having already done so on my Galaxy test phone.

Using my watch to pay was in fact far less cumbersome than using my phone. You simply push the top button for an extended period of time, your card image shows, and you accept payment. My cashier at the neighborhood Chinese restaurant was impressed to witness a smartwatch payment for the first time.

A disadvantage of Samsung Pay on the watch is that if you remove it from your wrist, you must re-enter your PIN to resume use. This makes sense as a security measure: You wouldn't want someone to be able to remove your watch from your wrist and begin charging you if this measure were not in place. In place of your actual credit card number, tokenized codes are utilized as an additional security feature (also employed by Apple Pay and others). Samsung Knox, which monitors the devices for suspicious behavior, protects the service.

Every time you use Samsung Pay, you will receive five Samsung Rewards points. Given that 2,000 points can be redeemed for a $5 gift card, it is an understatement to suggest that you must utilize the service frequently to receive any value. Nonetheless, I haven't encountered this bonus in other payment apps, and if your linked card gets you points, you're essentially double down with Samsung Pay. I continue to believe that it would make more sense to reward points based on a proportion of the transaction's monetary value, as opposed to a flat five points every transaction.

Every time you use Samsung Pay, you will receive five Samsung Rewards points. Given that 2,000 points can be redeemed for a $5 gift card, it is an understatement to suggest that you must utilize the service frequently to receive any value. Nonetheless, I haven't encountered this bonus in other payment apps, and if your linked card gets you points, you're essentially double down with Samsung Pay. I continue to believe that it would make more sense to reward points based on a proportion of the transaction's monetary value, as opposed to a flat five points every transaction.

In addition to the United States, Samsung Pay is available in 17 other countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. This is superior to Venmo, which operates just in the United States, but it cannot compete with PayPal's coverage for more than 200 countries.

Samsung pay cash

Samsung Pay Cash is a feature that enables users to create and store a digital debit card within Samsung Pay. Users can quickly add funds to this card using an existing card within the app or by transferring monies from their bank account.

Samsung Pay cash Safe
Samsung Pay goes above and beyond to protect your privacy. To protect your personal and financial information, tokenization and other unique security measures are employed. In addition, Samsung Knox continuously monitors and safeguards your phone against malware and other dangers. In summary, Samsung Pay is quite secure.

Samsung pay card

How can I acquire a Samsung Pay card? To begin, launch Samsung Pay on your mobile device and tap the Pay tab at the bottom. Swipe to the left to access the Samsung Pay Cash card, then hit GET IT NOW and Get card.

Is Samsung Pay free to use? Your first actual Samsung Pay+ card will be supplied to you for free within three to five business days. If you wish to utilize it for chip-and-PIN transactions and ATM withdrawals, you must activate it inside the application.

Samsung pay compatible banks

Samsung pay compatible banks

Supported banks and credit unions: Samsung Pay has partnered with American Express ®, Visa ®, and Mastercard ®, and Discover ® payment card networks in conjunction with top U.S. banks. Plus, we're constantly working to expand our list with additional financial partners.
Samsung Pay Review 2023

Samsung Pay 2024 Features:

Samsung Pay is the simplest and most secure method to pay with your Galaxy phone or smartwatch, and it's accepted wherever contactless cards are accepted. Samsung Pay is exclusive to participating payment networks, banks, and businesses, and is only usable with select cards and Samsung devices on NFC terminals.
Pay effortlessly.
Launch by swiping up from the bottom border of the display, authenticate with your fingerprint or PIN, then tap to pay.
Maintain card security.
Multiple levels of protection, including fingerprint authentication, tokenization, and Samsung Knox, keep your banking information secure.
Travel throughout London
Utilize Samsung Pay to make on-the-go payments on London buses, the Tube, London Trams, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line, River Bus, and the majority of National Rail services.
By configuring a Transport Card in Samsung Pay, the screen of your phone does not need to be on; simply touch the centre of your phone to the yellow card reader and you're on your way. Exclusive to the United Kingdom.
Add your loyalty cards.
You may accrue and redeem points from your favorite loyalty cards using your phone.
*Subject to the store's policies
Samsung Pay+ offers cashback.
Samsung Pay+ enables you to combine all of your bank cards into a single digital card within the Samsung Pay app. In addition, you will receive money on a variety of big brands, including 5% cashback at A rewarding experience in multiple ways.
exclusive to the United Kingdom

The app service requires the following authorizations:
For optional permissions, the service's usual functionality is enabled but not permitted.

[Access authorization required]
Used to verify your identity while subscribing to a service.

Optional permissions for access
Camera: Used to photograph your cards during registration.
Used to detect fraud during card registration.
Used to select recipients for money transfers.
Used for loading photos from the Gallery, displaying images in Samsung Pay membership and loyalty cards, and saving downloaded text files with the whole terms and conditions.

Samsung Pay gets much better. Meet Samsung Wallet. * Samsung Wallet cannot be downloaded via Google Play.

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